Broken Signs

Broken Signs (Mutilated Signs; Imperfect Signs)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The archaic term “broken signs” (also called mutilated signs or, in more recent works, imperfect signs) refers to certain signs that, when on the ascendant and afflicted, are said to result in a twisted body or twisted limbs. The broken signs are variously listed, usually including Leo and Pisces, sometimes Scorpio or Virgo, and occasionally Capricorn and Cancer. Modern astrologers have abandoned this classification. Almost any severely afflicted planet in any sign when placed in the first house (the house of the physical body) could result in physical difficulties. The antonym term is whole sign (perfect sign).

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"We believe it is important to keep a sign at this historic site, but we don't want to hide the legacy of racism by constantly replacing broken signs."
Police blocked off the scene, which was a tangled mess of downed trees, broken signs, crushed scooters, and scattered debris.
Only the Warsaw museum completely reconstructs broken signs. In doing so, it must often refer to the old design sketches kept at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art.
CRASHES at sites with broken signs, damaged road surfaces or where roadworks were taking place increased by 14 per cent in Scotland last year.
Moseley Bog reserves officer Francesca Jarvis-Rouse and Wildlife Trust Birmingham and Black Country chairman Jack Wilson with one of the broken signs. Inset, next to the ancient monument.
The $130 million Postal Community Credit Union of Springfield, Mo., experienced blown windows, a torn roof and broken signs at its Joplin branch.
Most shops were closed; some, however, had already started to clean up and fix the damage, mostly shattered glass, broken signs and flagging spirits.
Finally, the style of cross-hatching that marks broken signs makes the "hollow" portion(s) of those signs extremely difficult to read.
Worn road markings, broken signs and, of course, the ubiquitous pot hole, are a common sight in Britain today.
But they are overwhelmed by the signs of neglect and decay: vandalised street furniture, graffiti, litter strewn everywhere, broken signs that never get repaired.
The cash will also be spent on other improvements, including repairs to broken signs, street lights, walls, fences, improvements to empty properties and planting trees and shrubs.