vertical bar

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vertical bar

The character "|", ASCII code 124.

Common names: bar; or; or-bar; v-bar; pipe; vertical bar. Rare: ITU-T: vertical line; gozinta; thru; pipesinta; INTERCAL: spike.

"Pipe", "gozinta", "thru" and "pipesinta" refer to the use of "|" in Unix shells to create a pipe.

Some keyboards show both a solid vertical bar (code 124) and a broken vertical bar (code 166).


muntin, 2
muntin, 1
1. A secondary framing member to hold panes within a window, window wall, or

vertical bar

The vertical bar character (|), located over the backslash (\) key, is used as an OR operator. In the C/C++ language, two vertical bars are used; for example, if (x == 'a' || x == 'b') means "if X is equal to A or B." It is also used as a pipe symbol, which directs the output of one process to another. See filters and pipes.
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The problem started after a police officer woke him up and asked him to pay 100,000 yen ($911.05) for a broken bar lamp.
"It's never been touched by vandals, nothing's ever been broken bar the kids might accidentally knock a piece over.
Higher amount of magnetic saturation can be seen around the broken bar in the rotor as a lack of frequency-induced current in these rotor bars.
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Figure 15(a) shows a rotor with one broken bar (1BB) and Figure 15(b) depicts a rotor having two broken bars (2BB).
System fault diagnosis system is used for detecting bearing fault and broken bar fault of the motor in the process of aluminum electrolysis.
The main types of these faults are inter-turn short circuit of stator winding, which represents about 30%, and broken bar, which represents about 10%.
As stated in this paper, literally, "the load on the motor should be sufficiently high to produce at least 35% of rated full load rotor slip for a reliable single-test broken bar analysis." and "if the motor to be tested is fed from a variable-speed converter drive, the frequency of the drive should be locked at the 50/60 Hz power supply frequency for the test." Yet, difficulties emerge when inverted-fed motors are applied to drive fans, pumps, or other mechanisms involving speed control for energy-saving purpose.
But now a cookie is an object roughly the size of a frisbee, which could do with another 10 minutes in the oven, and is filled with lumps of chocolate equivalent in volume to a broken bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk.
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"There were numerous upturned tables and broken bar stools strewn across the floor area of the bar.