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an inflammatory process in the intrathoracic lymph nodes that lie next to the large bronchi and the trachea and also in those that are located in the cellular tissue of the anterior and posterior mediastinum. Bronchoadenitis most often originates from tuberculosis but may also occur from bronchitis, pneumonia, and certain infectious children’s diseases (measles, whooping cough). Symptoms of bronchoadenitis include pains in the interscapular area and acutely painful, paroxysmal coughing; bronchoadenitis may sometimes occur asymptomatically. Bronchoadenitis is detected principally by roentgenology. Treatment and prophylactic measures amount to prevention and cure of the illnesses that cause bronchoadenitis; in case of tubercular bronchoadenitis, antitubercular therapy is prescribed combined with general restorative treatment.


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