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Roentgenographic visualization of the bronchial tree following injection of a radiopaque material.
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X-ray method of obtaining a shadow image of the trachea and bronchi. The first bronchography of a man was performed in 1918 by the American physician C. Jackson. In the USSR the first bronchography was performed in 1923 by S. A. Reinberg and Ia. B. Kaplan. Under ordinary circumstances the bronchi and trachea remain invisible in an X-ray examination. To obtain an image with roentgenoscopy or roentgenography, contrasting substances are introduced into the respiratory tract (after anesthetizing it)—among others, iodized vegetable oils, water-soluble contrastive substances, and suspensions of contrastive substances in an oil and water medium. With the aid of bronchography various diseases of the lungs, bronchi, and trachea may be diagnosed, such as tumors and bronchostenosis. Bronchography is contraindicated when the patient’s general condition is serious, in cardiovascular decompensation, kidney disease, and hypersensitivity to iodine.


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We present a case of a symptomatic 5-month-old girl who had a type II right-sided tracheal bronchus on computed tomography (CT), which was later confirmed on bronchography. Tracheal bronchus is a rare tracheobronchial anomaly where an ectopic bronchus arises from the lateral wall of the trachea.
Thomlinson from ESRF in Grenoble, France, showed remarkable improvements in imaging techniques for angiography, mammography and bronchography. The latter two techniques show great promise for early detection of breast cancer and lung cancer, respectively.
However, volume-rendered CT bronchography and virtual bronchoscopy immaculately demonstrated the progressive airway narrowing (Figure 2A & B).
Bronchography demonstrated a long right main bronchus and the apparent absence of a bronchus intermedius (figure 3).
No pathology was identified on CT, bronchography, bronchoscopy, and laryngoscopy.