Brooklyn Academy of Music

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Brooklyn Academy of Music,

performing arts center located in the borough of Brooklyn, N.Y. and popularly known as BAM. Founded in 1859 and opened in 1861, it is the oldest such institution still in operation in the United States. It moved to its neo-Italianate building in downtown Brooklyn in 1907. The Academy presently has four major performance areas–the Opera House, the Playhouse, the Leperq space, and the BAM Rose Cinemas. The Academy has long presented concerts, plays, ballet, and lectures, and it is now home to the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Since 1967 it has expanded into a center for experimental theater, new opera, contemporary and ethnic music and dance, independent films, and multimedia productions. An avant-garde showplace, it is also the venue for the artistically adventurous Next Wave Festival, an annual 10-week series of events that originated in 1981.
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It is celebrated every Memorial Day Weekend at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
One Hanson Place is the home of new luxury condominiums located a block from the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
This month the visually striking NYC choreographer John Jasperse premieres his latest collaborative work, Misuse liable to prosecution, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Taped in July at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the J-Records release features a full set of hits along with several new songs exclusive to Keys' ``Unplugged'' performance.
The quartet will celebrate its anniversary with a three-concert series this fall at Brooklyn Academy of Music, a four-concert set in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (where vocalist Diamanda Galas will guest), and single dates throughout the country.
NEW YORK A Brooklyn Academy of Music and American Theater Exchange Initiative presentation of a Moscow Arts Theater production of the play in two acts by Anton Chekhov.
Additional partnerships will include The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Aspen Food + Wine Festival, Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation and other luxury partners.
Based at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Philharmonic is one of the nation's premiere music ensembles and a vital presence in the cultural life of the New York Metropolitan Area.
With more dancing than Kammer/Kammer at Brooklyn Academy of Music last spring, and less text-though still plenty of it--this piece places 16 dancers into a deep, cavernous space.
48 Psychose'' at the Brooklyn Academy of Music while the retrospective and photo exhibition are in progress, hopes to break away to introduce Michael Cimino's ``Heaven's Gate'' at the retrospective.
The first opera I attended was Carmen--familiar to me because I know and love the movie Carmen Jones--a few years back at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Laurie Anderson's United States opened at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on February 3, 1983.