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Brookner, Anita,

1928–2016, English writer and art critic. After establishing an academic career at London's Courtauld Institute of Art and becoming the first woman appointed (1968) Slade Professor of Art at Cambridge, she began writing fiction in 1980, producing approximately one book a year of elegant, restrained prose. Her quiet, elegiac, and often bleak novels usually concern lonely, meek, and genteel middle-aged women (and occasionally men), unlucky in love and yearning for it, but largely unable to establish or maintain relationships with those around them. Brookner's works include Look at Me (1983), Hotel du Lac (1984; Booker Prize), Latecomers (1988), Fraud (1992), Undue Influence (1999), Strangers (2009), and her last work of fiction, the e-book novella At the Hairdressers (2011). Her nonfiction work Romanticism and Its Discontents (2000) is an analysis of French Romanticism.
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She balks at the last minute," Brookner remarks of Edith in her Paris Review interview.
Or as Eli Brookner mused, "how about an ultrastable oscillator based upon superconductivity that might be useful against stealth aircraft.
Brookner became famous overnight: "I was invisible until then; I became briefly visible," she claims with characteristic modesty.
based on the classic British novel of the nineteenth century and embracing the post-Freudian angst of the twentieth, Visitors, like all Brookner novels, begins with a perceptive, virtuous, introspective, but deprived central character who is drawn into the lives of people of another type altogether: self-indulgent, extrovert, sometimes mildly corrupt, at other times vicious.
THE PLEASURES A BROOKNER novel offers lie in two planes: the elegance of its recursive structure--its fractal-like repetitions--and its rare but important representation of women's lives lived alone.
The students had read Fredric Jameson's claim, in his essay "Third World Literature in the Era of Multi-National Capitalism," that the pleasures of the postcolonial text were different in kind from those of the great first-world fictions, and they understood the implication -- that the different pleasures to be gotten from reading Mariama Ba, Bessie Head, or Nuruddin Farah might not be quite as intense for them as those to be had from, presumably, Margaret Drabble, Anita Brookner, or Alan Hollinghurst.
explains Peppers and Rogers Group One to One Research Director, Jonathan Brookner.
BIRTHDAYS: Anita Brookner, novelist, 85; Sir George Young, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal, 72; Frank Field, MP, 71; Ruben Blades, actor, 65; Lorraine Chase, actress, 62; Stewart Copeland, rock musician (The Police), 61; Michael Flatley, dancer, 55; Miguel Indurain, former cyclist, 49; Johnny Vaughan, TV and radio presenter, 47.
While 2010 was a quiet lending year for many banks, we are pleased to report such strong financing activity at NCB," said Steven Brookner, president and CEO of NCB,FSB.
On one occasion John Cooper Clark and Anita Brookner were on on the same night and the audiences met in the foyer.
Finally, the authors would like to thank James Bucknam and Eli Brookner of Raytheon Co.
And it is in the examining, the intense scrutinizing of the inner world, that Brookner continues to be utterly compelling.