Brookwood Labor College

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Brookwood Labor College,

at Katonah, N.Y.; founded in 1921 in association with the American Federation of Labor as an experimental college. Brookwood was an attempt to create an alternative to traditional colleges. It lasted only until 1937, when it fell victim to the Depression and to factionalism in the AFL. Although Brookwood's student body was small, its conferences drew activists from around the country and provided a forum that helped legitimize the labor movement.
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One of these, Brookwood Labor College, employed drama to realise the purpose of 'educating leaders for a new society', as part of the 'increasing interest of the trade union movement in popularising and dramatising labour's problems and achievements through such agencies as motion pictures, pageantry, and dramas'.
Some schools, like the Work People's College in Minnesota and Brookwood Labor College in New York, simply ran their course.
113] But how might her story change if students from Brookwood Labor College or the Rand School were thrown into the mix?