Brotherhood of the New Life

Brotherhood of the New Life:

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1823–1906, American Christian mystic. Born in England, he was brought to the United States as a child. In 1845 he was called to the pulpit of the Fourth Universalist Society, in New York City, but three years later, deeply impressed by spiritualism,
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Subplots in the history of the Koreshan Unity revolved around Teed's attempts to merge with well-established (and considerably wealthier) sects such as the Shakers, Brotherhood of the New Life, and the Harmony Society.
He explained his ideas in a prose work, The Brotherhood of the New Life (1891).
Here are the communal groups presented in greater depth than just a passing reference (of which there are quite a few as well): Shakers, Jemima Wilkinson's adherents (Jerusalem community), Ararat, the Kingdom of Matthias (Robert Matthews), Ebenezer (predecessor to the Amana Society), Skaneateles, the Oneida Community, Kiantone (also known as Harmonia and the Domain), Lily Dale, the Brotherhood of the New Life, the Koreshan Unity, and the Roycrofters.

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