Brothers of the Common Life

Brothers of the Common Life:

see Groote, GerardGroote, Gerard or Geert
, 1340–84, Dutch Roman Catholic reformer. He studied at Paris and elsewhere and because of his learning in theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, and medicine, he was appointed professor at
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Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life: The Devotio Moderna and the World of the Later Middle Ages.
Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life provides us with a very detailed account of how it was that such a determined urban minority carved out a place for themselves in the material and spiritual landscape of their day and time, against great odds, and how it was that a very specific kind of piety, focused on enabling individuals to find the inner connection between themselves and God, gave rise to communal households that challenged the status quo but at the same time provided a series of valuable services to their cities and towns in return.
Written with advanced specialists in mind rather than neophytes, Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life pays meticulous attention to detail.

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