Brown Swiss

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Brown Swiss


(also Schwyz), a breed of dairy and beef cattle. The breed was developed in Switzerland through the long-term selection of descendants of Shorthorn cattle brought there in ancient times. The animals are light gray to dark brown. A characteristic feature is the light coloring around the dark gray nose. The coloration is lighter along the upper torso, from the withers to the tail head. The males weigh 800–950 kg, sometimes reaching 1,200 kg; the females weigh 550–600 kg, sometimes reaching 800 kg. Calves raised for meat weigh 260–300 kg at the age of one year. The milk yield is 4,000–4,500 kg, with the most efficient cows producing more than 10,000 kg. The fat content of the milk is 3.7–3.8 percent.

The Brown Swiss was first imported into Russia in the mid-19th century to improve local breeds. In the USSR, it is bred for both milk and meat. By crossing local cattle from various regions with the Brown Swiss and by reproducing the crosses, large groups of brown cattle were developed that later became the basis for various indigenous breeds, such as the Kostroma, Alatau, Lebedin, and Caucasian Brown cattle.

The Brown Swiss is bred in the German Democratic Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and Czechoslovakia, in the countries of North and South America, and in southern Africa. In the USSR it is bred in the central part of the RSFSR and in the Northern Caucasus.


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THE latest results from the National Milk Records for Pembrokeshire has shown another supreme championship award for the "Garne" Brown Swiss herd of Clive and Pam Davies of Treffgarne Farm, Lampeter Velfrey, near Narberth, writes Meyrick Brown.
Continuing to ignore optimum slaughter weight (which can be important since it costs more and more to put on those last several hundred pounds), the six breeds which appear to be ahead of the pack are the Holstein, Simmental, Brown Swiss, tie between Ayrshir and Hays Converter, and Beefmaster, in that order.
Also in contention were Russell Law and his partner, Kathryn Watkins, with the best dairy heifer, Fryn Julie, and Alun and Carolyn Davies with a May-calved Brown Swiss third calver, Quarry Scipio Liz, just assessed as a powerful Ex 90 within the breed.
Three years later, the shop was turned into an ice cream parlour due to the popularity of the ice cream from the farm's Brown Swiss cows.
A Brown Swiss heifer from PW Pritchard and KA Loake Cefn Helin sold for PS1920.
Of course Vallum is well known for its ice cream as the farm produces its own range using the milk from their Brown Swiss cows.
Mr Topliff said: "A marked rise was, once again, evident in calf registrations from other beef breeds, the bulk of this coming from the Montbeliarde, Saler, Beef Shorthorn, Stabiliser, Brown Swiss, Devon, Lincoln Red and Luing breeds.
BROWN SWISS, M Williams (Quarry Zeus Orange), res, M Williams (Quarry Luke Lovely), heifer, M Williams (Quarry Surge Sian), res, M Williams (Elite Explosion Heke).
In 2008 the farm shop was turned into an ice cream parlour due to the popularity of the ice cream from the farm's Brown Swiss cows.
Some of the best Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows in Wales will be shown, together with some quite exceptional Ayrshire, Guernsey, Dairy Shorthorn and Brown Swiss animals.
However, the Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Montbeliarde and Meuse Rhine Issel (MRI) bucked the trend with higher production rates, while the Montbeliardes also increased fat and protein production by 25kg to 475kg with an average milk yield of 6,620kg.