Brown Swiss cattle

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Brown Swiss cattle,

one of the oldest breeds of cattle, originating in Switzerland where the cows were used as triple-purpose animals (dairy, beef, and draft). They are large, fleshy, and slow-maturing, with body color ranging from gray or light brown to dark brown. Introduced in the United States in 1869, they were once important as a dairy breed.
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Lynden Bustard, UK Dairy Day Cattle Show manager and chief steward, said: "We are delighted to welcome back the Brown Swiss Cattle Society to UK Dairy Day.
In another study (Sahin and Ulutas 2010), repeatabilities for both total milk yield and 305 days milk yield were estimated to be 0.34 and 0.36, respectively, in Holstein Friesian cattle reared in state farms, for Brown Swiss cattle repeatability of 305-day milk yield was estimated to be 0.36 (Bakir and Kaygisiz 2009).
Harrison and Hetherington auctioneer Glyn Lucas said: "The Lochheads are of the country's top Brown Swiss breeders and the herd is home to some of the finest Brown Swiss cattle and genetics in the country.
This estimate was lower than those reported by many workers [Meinert et al.,1989 (0.28); Santus et al., 1993 (0.28); Bakir et al., 2004 (0.37); Zulkadir and Aytekin, 2009 (0.28)] by REML method in Brown Swiss cattle and Tuna, (2004) (0.27); Atashi et al.
The degenerative progressive hereditary mieloencefalopathy, also known as "weaver syndrome" (RADOSTITS et al., 2002b), is a hereditary defect that is described as occurring in Brown Swiss cattle (GEORGES et al., 1993; RADOSTITS et al., 2002b).
Brown Swiss cattle tend to be easy-going and easy to handle, and produce milk with high butterfat content.
Recent special sales have included 72 pedigree Holstein youngstock from the Asterways herd of Messrs Francis at Pembroke, the dispersal of 220 head of Holstein Friesians for Messrs Evans of Fishguard, 105 Goldfoot Holsteins for Teify Evans of Newcastle Emlyn and 60 prize-winning Brown Swiss cattle for Clive Davies of Narberth.
Genetic parameters for direct and maternal effects and estimation of breeding values for birth weight in Brown Swiss Cattle. Turk J Vet Anim Sci 32 (4), 287-292.
A genome-wide association study using international breeding-evaluation data identifies major loci affecting production traits and stature in the Brown Swiss cattle breed.
Genomic evaluations for the British Friesians are due to be released this year, with breeders of Brown Swiss cattle collaborating in an international genomics project.
The numbers in the dairy section have been boosted this year by the entry of 17 Brown Swiss cattle which will be appearing at the Royal Welsh for the first time.