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Brown University,

Providence, R.I.; coeducational chartered 1764 as Rhode Island College at Warren, opened 1765. It moved to Providence in 1770 and was renamed for Nicholas BrownBrown, Nicholas,
1769–1841, American manufacturer and philanthropist, b. Providence, R.I., grad. Rhode Island College (renamed Brown Univ. in 1804 for him), 1786. He extended the internationally known mercantile business of his father, Nicholas Brown.
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 in 1804. Pembroke College, established in 1891 as an affiliated college for women, merged with Brown in 1971. The John Carter Brown Library (see Brown, John CarterBrown, John Carter,
1797–1874, American book collector and philanthropist, b. Providence, R.I.; son of Nicholas Brown. In about 1840 he began collecting books printed before 1800 relating to America, and the result was a remarkable library of 5,600 volumes.
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) is especially significant for its early Americana.
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But it rapidly outgrew such modest quarters, especially after the married couple moved from Arlington, Virginia, to their hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, and became associated with Brown University, also in Providence.
The Majority Report," Brown University, June 18, 1926 (Providence: The Corporation of Brown University, 1926), 17-18.
JOY JAMES, the Guest Editor of this issue, is Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University (Providence RI 02912; e-mail: joy_ann_james@brown.
This research, which has unlocked new information about how to restore movement following damage to the nervous system, was published by a team of clinical trial collaborators from Cyberkinetics, Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, the Sargent Rehabilitation Center, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago.
AUGUSTA, Maine -- A Brown University report recently confirmed the philosophy of the State of Maine's official Web site (http://www.
anielle Radcliffe had apparently a few days earlier revealed that she was joining Brown University.
There she met Henry Sharpe, long-time chancellor of Brown University and head of Brown and Sharpe Mfg.
Born in NYC, the daughter of the late Alfred Langdon and Elsie Margaret (Quinn) Fitzgerald, she was a graduate of Brown University (Pembroke College), class of 47.
This hypothesis, proposed by Brown University epidemiologist Edmond Shenassa and Mary Jean Brown, an adjunct assistant professor of society, human development, and health at Harvard, is based on a review of more than 80 papers in different fields.
Ruth Simmons, president of Brown University (RI), made history in 2001 when she became the first black woman president of an Ivy League university.
Hoggan received his Master in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and his BA and BS from Brown University.
Early in its existence, in the 1980s, Manisses demonstrated its knack for forming key alliances by hooking up with its neighbor the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies.