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1. Elizabeth Barrett. 1806--61, English poet and critic; author of the Sonnets from the Portuguese (1850)
2. her husband, Robert. 1812--89, English poet, noted for his dramatic monologues and The Ring and the Book (1868--69)


(plant pathology)
Any plant disorder or disease marked by brown discoloration of a part. Also known as stem break.

brown coat, floating coat

The coat of roughly finished plaster beneath the finish coat; in three-coat work, the second coat of plaster, applied over a scratch coat and covered by the finish coat; in two-coat work, the base-coat plaster applied over lath or masonry; may contain a greater proportion of aggregate than the scratch coat.
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In your editor's reply concerning the Browning Automatic Rifle, it appears you believe the BAR was a machine gun.
So, racing to the head of the parade, Barack Obama started out the year calling for restored marksmanship classes in the public high schools, while ordering the ATF to again allow the re-importation of surplus military firearms including Browning Automatic Rifles for sale at cost to law-abiding American civilians, right?
Figures taken from the book Rock In A Hard Place, The Browning Automatic Rifle by James L.
He was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action by placing himself voluntarily in advance of his company and his pinned down platoon, while disregarding continuous and murderous enemy artillery, mortar, small arms fire, and wiping out 8 enemy machine gun nests with his Browning Automatic Rifle over 2 days of battle, May 11-12, 1944, until he was gravely wounded on Hill 316 near Ventosa, Italy.
1957--The Army adopts the M-14 rifle to replace the M-1, the Browning automatic rifle and M-1 carbine.
What possible enjoyment could be gained from walking about with a plastic Browning automatic pistol strapped inside a shoulder holster?
In May, undercover state agents ran out of money buying illegal weapons at the show and in July federal agents set up a later off-site purchase of 10 Sten guns and two Browning automatic rifles, all illegal, from a show vendor, Yaroslavsky said.
The place had been ransacked but only a pearl necklace, a 9mm Browning automatic and some 20-year-old ammunition had been taken.
He also admitted threatening to shoot and kill Alan Morrison with a 9mm Browning automatic, and a a bail offence.
Players can utilize a total of 12 authentic WWII era weapons, including an American Colt 45, American M-1 Garand Rifle and Browning Automatic Rifle.