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1. Elizabeth Barrett. 1806--61, English poet and critic; author of the Sonnets from the Portuguese (1850)
2. her husband, Robert. 1812--89, English poet, noted for his dramatic monologues and The Ring and the Book (1868--69)


(plant pathology)
Any plant disorder or disease marked by brown discoloration of a part. Also known as stem break.

brown coat, floating coat

The coat of roughly finished plaster beneath the finish coat; in three-coat work, the second coat of plaster, applied over a scratch coat and covered by the finish coat; in two-coat work, the base-coat plaster applied over lath or masonry; may contain a greater proportion of aggregate than the scratch coat.
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The Thompson sub-machine gun and Browning Automatic Rifle were imported from the United States.
A Browning automatic handgun and Webley revolver were found in gamekeeper Tom McKellar's loft.
The author is surprised to learn that the barrel of a Browning automatic rifle is hot to the hand after firing.
He invented water-cooled machine guns, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Colt .
Fifty Browning automatic rifles and a hundred thousand rounds of ammunition have been stolen, and the fears are that in the hands of the IRA, the Irish Republic to the south might be forced to come into the war on the Axis side if the weapons are used in an effort to "liberate" Ulster from the hated English.
Wallaert served as a Browning Automatic Rifleman with the Army's K Company, 3rd Battalion, 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division from February 1943 until January 1944.
Watson, 66, of Banbury Road, Lighthorne, who has competed for Great Britain in European and World Championships, was convicted of possessing a Browning automatic shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence.
Armed with grenades and his Browning Automatic Rifle, Keeble crawled to an area 50 yards from the ridgeline, flanked the left pillbox and used grenades and rifle fire to eliminate it, Sagami said.
The physician-narrator doesn't take any chances; he carries a Browning automatic pistol in his doctor's black bag.
What possible enjoyment could be gained from walking about with a plastic Browning automatic pistol strapped inside a shoulder holster?