page hijacking

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page hijacking

(1) The various ways in which a user is covertly redirected to a different website. For example, "home page" hijacking refers to changing the default address of the home page in the user's browser. When the browser is launched, it goes to that Web page.

"Browser hijacking" also refers to changing the home page as well as adding shortcuts to the Favorites menu or lowering security settings. These changes can be made using JavaScript or an ActiveX module.

Another form of page hijacking is copying a popular Web page from its original site to a third-party site so that it becomes indexed by search engines. After the links have been established, the content of the page is changed to reflect its real purpose, or it may redirect the user to a different site. See URL hijacking and hijacking.

(2) Stealing the source code of an attractive page from one site and using it on another with slight modifications.
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As a result of the browser hijacking, multiple fraudulent scans, and false error messages the defendants and others allegedly deceived victims into purchasing the full paid versions of IM software products, such as "Malware Alarm," "Antivirus 2008" and "VirusRemover 2008.
As issues such as browser hijacking increase in frequency and sophistication, Internet users require more information and guidance in order to remain secure.
Discussion topics cover security software, support and troubleshooting services, identity protection, browser hijacking cleanup, tutorials, news, downloads, community forums, and software reviews.
These activities include installation of known spyware programs, Internet browser hijacking, and new startup programs.
New research from TowerGroup finds that advanced approaches to online fraud -- using methods like spyware, browser hijacking and remote administration tools -- pose a significant and fast-growing threat to consumer confidence in the online banking channel.
ParetoLogic applications are designed to search and eliminate all known computer parasites that bog down the speed and capabilities of PCs: spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers, toolbars, browser hijacking, pop-ups and more.
Spyware, adware, browser hijacking, key logging and phishing are some of the fastest-growing and most dangerous threats on the Internet today primarily because all that is required to become an unknowing victim is a seemingly harmless visit to a Web page," said Philip Kwan, director of product management at Fortinet.
Enigma has noticed too many software companies in the search business that are tricking people into downloading applications through browser hijacking and other surreptitious tactics.
The "Anchor Intelligence Traffic Quality Report" follows "The Uninvited Guest: A Browser Hijacking Experience, Dissected," which was recently released to help educate the industry on ways to avoid browser hijackers and minimize their consumption of ad spend this holiday season.
While allowing such devices to access company data provides real business benefits, it can also expose businesses to higher risk of security threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and browser hijacking.
Using another anticipated partner, XoftspySE, they would be able to run a simple diagnostic that removes malware, spyware and browser hijacking files, and perform this feature from the at-home agents' desks.