Bruce Charles Heezen

Heezen, Bruce Charles


Born Apr. 11, 1924, in Vinton, Iowa. American geologist and geomorphologist. Doctor of philosophy (1957).

Heezen joined the staff of the Lamont Geological Observatory in New York in 1953. His main works deal with geological oceanography, recent sedimentation (turbidity currents and deep-sea sediments), and the relief of the floors of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Heezen helped discover mid-oceanic ridges and rifts.


In Russian translation:
“Riftovaia dolina na dne okeana.” Okeanologiia, 1963, vol. 3, issue 1.
Dno Atlanticheskogo okeana, part 1. Moscow, 1962. (With M. Tharp and M. Ewing.)