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Mg(OH)2 A hexagonal mineral; native magnesium hydroxide that appears gray and occurs in serpentines and impure limestones; hardness is 2.5 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 2.38-2.40.



(named after the American mineralogist A. Bruce, died 1818), a mineral of the hydroxide group; chemical composition, Mg(OH)2. The magnesium may be partially replaced by Fe2+ or Mn2+ (ferroand manganobrucites). Brucite crystallizes in a trigonous system and consists of colorless or white (rarely bluish) mica-like crystals, or masses of them, with a layered structure, or sometimes fine-fibered (so-called nemalite) or dense, sinter-like aggregates. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 2.5; its density, 2,370-2,400 kg/m3. Formed during hydrothermal changes in ultrabasic magnesial rocks and metamorphosis of dolomites, brucite is found with asbestos in veins of serpentine dunites or peridotites. It may be used as a magnesium ore. In the USSR deposits of brucite have been discovered in massifs of serpentinites and metamorphosed dolomites in the Urals, the Caucasus, and Siberia. Abroad the best known deposits are in the USA, Canada, Italy, and Yugoslavia.


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In this way the pH dependence of the electrokinetic behaviour of the two layer silicates can be rationalized by comparison with the electrokinetic behaviour of silica and gibbsite or brucite as appropriate.
La brucite est un materiau ignifuge ecologique qui est en demande commercialement; il represente aussi une source potentielle de magnesium metallique, pour lequel existe une forte demande.
Brucite is widely distributed in ultramafic rocks (Khan et al.
Brucite is a well-known mineral occurring in sediments.
Among specific topics are the cementing property of cement with desulfurization and skimming slag tailing powder, an experimental study of extracting humic acid from lignite, fundamental research in utilizing oolitic hematite by deep reduction, process mineralogy of potassium-rich shale, synthesizing hydrotalcite using brucite as the source of magnesium, the influence of additives on evenness degree and particle size of nanometer calcium carbonate, and the performance of asphalt mastics modified by mineral fillers.
2) For exposure times beyond 500 hr, brucite [Mg(OH)[.
Failure occurs (Figure 3B) when the Mg-metal and brucite structure have been depleted from the coating polymer matrix and sufficient hexahydrite salts have accumulated at the alloy interface.
Previous research results show that Bauxsol[TM] consists of a mixture of minerals dominated by hematite, with abundant quartz, boehmite, gibbsite, brucite, calcite, sodalite, para-aluminohydrocalcite, hydrotalcite, and whewellite (McConchie and Clark 2000).
i) neutralisation of acid in the soil by brucite (Mg[(OH).
There are two major classes--natural grades derived from brucite mineral, and synthetically precipitated grades.
Please note that talc is a layered silicate consisting of sheets of magnesium in octahedral coordination similar to brucite, Mg[(OH).