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Bruja; Brujo

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The name given to a Witch in Mexico and Meso-America; Bruja—female; Brujo— male. The female is considered more powerful than the male. The names are also used in Hispanic communities throughout the United States. The Witchcraft is of the Hedge Witch variety, with little or no connection to worship and other aspects of religion. Charms and spells are sold as are cures for physical ailments.


(pop culture)

Bruja is the Spanish name for a witch. A bruja was very much like the strega of Italy and bruxa of neighboring Portugal. The term was found throughout Latin America where it was used simultaneously with local names for witches and for witch/vampires, such as the tlahuelpuchi, the blood-sucking witch of Mexico. In both Spain and the Americas, the bruja was a living person, usually a woman, who was able to transform herself into various kinds of animals and attack infants.


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When Ojos de Brujo came to a halt, all the band members started new projects but the three members who will entertain us on Thursday missed playing together.
But humans had abandoned the Witch Hill site - translated from the original name Cerro Brujo - in northern Panama, near the Caribbean coast, roughly 150 years before the teen was buried, according to a comparison between a tooth from the youth and archaeological evidence from the rest of the area.
Y, como El aprendiz de brujo de Disney, ahora no saben como corregir el sistema, como llenar los vacios de poder que propiciaron los escandalos de corrupcion de tantos gobernadores.
Le preguntan por el nombre del brujo que intento hacerle dano a su paciente pero no recibe respuesta.
El amor brujo de Manuel de Falla, ballet creado por encargo de la legendaria bailaora y cantaora Pastora Imperio, es una autentica historia de brujeria y gitanos conjuros que contiene la famosisima e impresionante "Danza ritual del fuego".
New ports-of-call include Mosquera Islet, Black Turtle Cove, Cerro Brujo, Santa Fe, Darwin Bay and El Barranco -- famous for its Prince Philip steps leading to vast seabird colonies of Nazca
Sailing from Puerto Natales, a city close to Torres del Paine and one of the key access points to Patagonia, the Kaweskar voyage sidles up to the honeycomb ridges of Amalia Glacier, deposits passengers on the rocks close to El Brujo Glacier, and salutes a cavalcade of frozen behemoths along the Calvo Fjord.
El Brujo Glacier The roof has been shaped to resemble a drying rack for wool, and 'wind-bent' picket fences surround the property.
A fleeting but memorable appearance by renowned cante jondo vocalist Ginesa Ortega in scenes from the ballet El Amor Brujo struck me as the standout performance on the film.
Lo esencial es la creencia o la fe en un acto que se inscribe en el ritual oficiado por un brujo, un sacerdote o un medico, quienes con el poder de la palabra y de la simulacion producen efectos curativos.
com)-- This second volume in the Buenaventura Series and sequel to "The Brujo's Way" (ISBN: 978-0865349445) opens in December 1705 with a terrifying nightmare that fills Don Carlos Buenaventura, a powerful brujo in his sixth life, with dread.
Hilda by Bennett, selections from Folk Melodies by Lutoslawski, "Ritual Fire Dance" from El Amor Brujo by de Falla, Polka Op.