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see BrunhildaBrunhilda
or Brunehaut
, d. 613, Frankish queen, wife of Sigebert I of the East Frankish kingdom of Austrasia; daughter of Athanagild, the Visigothic king of Spain.
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As Marc-Antoine De Mees of Brunehaut Brewery recently told PRI, "InBev is my best friend, and my worst enemy.
However, as other booksellers may have been discarding their stock of Fredegonde et Brunehaut at about this time, we cannot be sure that the binding was made for Duchesne, or in Paris.
Le Chef du mont, ou les Contemporains de Brunehaut, roman historique du VIe siecle.
org* Rural Life - The Stakes: A colloquium will take place in Brunehaut, Wallonia, on 12 May, organised by ACCS (Community Cultural and Social Action).
The most successful of his later plays was Fredegonde et Brunehaut (1821), a "regular" tragedy in which he claimed to portray, from early French history, a modern equivalent of the classic House of Atreus theme.
Contract notice: revival of two (2) lots declared unsuccessful following the consultation for the operation ~demolition and partial reconstruction of the groupe scolaire brunehaut - rue jean jaurs escautpont~ - lot n 3 soft floor paint and lot n 5 heating - ventilation
The brands, which include a 7% abv Blond, 8% abv Brune and 9% abv Tripel, are produced at the Brunehaut Brewery in Belgium.
Derieux, Unite de genetique et d'amelioration des plantes, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Domaine Brunehaut, F-80200 Estrees-Mons, France; J.
Contract notice:The works include: - The redevelopment of the BRUNEHAUT nursery school and the creation of sanitary and circulations - The redevelopment of the BRUNEHAUT Elementary school and creation of sanitary facilities and circulations - The extension of the Elementary and Maternal Schools BRUNEHAUT - The redevelopment of the Recreation and the creation of preal- The demolition and asbestos removal of two buildings.