Bruno Liljefors

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Liljefors, Bruno


Born May 14, 1860, in Uppsala; died Dec. 18, 1939, in Stockholm. Swedish painter.

Liljefors studied at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm from 1879 to 1882. A representative of the national romantic trend, Liljefors is known primarily for his animal scenes. His depictions of wild beasts and birds in their natural environment reflect his astute powers of observation.


Russow, K. E. Bruno Liljefors. Stockholm, 1929.
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Chapter 2 looks at various aspects of Altenberg's relationship to his age and its writers, of particular importance to Ibsen and Kafka, while in Chapter 3 his attitudes to modern art are examined (a key illustration is that of Bruno Liljefors 'Eidervogelstrich', which inspired Altenberg to become what he termed a 'Moment-Photograph').