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Turkey: see BursaBursa
, city (1990 pop. 838,323), capital of Bursa prov., NW Turkey. The market center of a rich agricultural region, on the ancient Silk Road S of Constantinople, Bursa was long noted for its silks, but is now a producer of automobiles, other textiles and apparel, and metals.
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Labor union representatives for the Communication Workers of America and Telecommunications International Union, which represent the company's non-management employees, were briefed today on the consolidation plan, Brusa said.
We saw a definitive increase in households using the product," adds Brusa.
A canning line at one of the Brusa plants has a capacity of 60 million cans of tuna a year, and other canned products include marinated anchovies, crab meat, corn, garnish and Vongole sauce.
The CleanCar vehicle is equipped with two BRUSA electric motors that deliver 268bhp and 440Nm.
The company also handles machines, parts and service for Renzo Borgonovo, Macchia Livio, Brusa di Garboli and C.
Brusa, Liu, and Schulman (2000) find reverse weekend effect in recent data for major stock indices: Monday returns are positive and significantly greater than the preceding Friday's.
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And certainly he's got some impeccable help in his corner in the shape of Amilcar Brusa, the former trainer of the late great Carlos Monzon, one of boxing's all-time best.
All these companies offer isolated chargers and many including Brusa (www.
A gentleman and his wife can obtain a reduction' of ticket price, (Handbook for Travellers in Constantinople, Brusa, and the Troad.
This means a great deal to us in terms of business continuity," said Eugenio Brusa, IT Manager at Neos Airlines.