Brusilov, Georgii Lvovich

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Brusilov, Georgii L’vovich


Born 1884 in Nikolaev; died 1914(?). Russian arctic researcher; naval lieutenant.

In 1910-11, Brusilov took part in a hydrographic expedition on the icebreaker transports Taimyr and Vaigach; he sailed the Chukchi and East Siberian seas. In 1912 he led an expedition of the sail- and motor-powered schooner Sviataia Anna to navigate the arctic route from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Passing through Iugorskii Shar to the Kara Sea in mid-September, the Sviataia Anna became icebound near the west bank of the Iamal Peninsula and was caught in a northward drift. In spring 1914, when the schooner drifted to the north of Franz Josef Land, part of the crew abandoned ship and headed southward on foot along the drifting ice. V. I. Al’banov and the sailor A. Konrad, who survived, were rescued by G. Sedov’s expedition on the Sviatoi Foka. The subsequent fate of the expedition is unknown.


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