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(both: bro͞ot), or


(bro͞o`təs), a Trojan, legendary founder of the British race, descendant of AeneasAeneas
, in Greek mythology, a Trojan, son of Anchises and Aphrodite. After the fall of Troy he escaped, bearing his aged father on his back. He stayed at Carthage with Queen Dido, then went to Italy, where his descendants founded Rome.
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. His story appears in Nennius and in Geoffrey of Monmouth, and his name gives the titles to long poems by Wace and Layamon.
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This pink version of the champagne has less acidity than the Le Brut Reserve.
"We wanted capacity to choose our finest grapes for Brut Imperial'' says Osselin.
Effervescence has a handful of these wines on the menu, including the 2009 Louis Roederer "Starck" Brut Nature ($175 a bottle), The Tarlant Zero Brut Nature ($120 a bottle) and Benoit Lahaye Brut Nature ($162 a bottle.)
The collection resisted the conventions and normalisations of the art world because Art Brut was not like any other branch of art.
The marked acidity and prolonged ageing make it suitable for serving alongside lighter blue cheeses and firmer alpine cheeses." Try: Ayala Brut Nature (Zero Dosage) NV Champagne, PS28.39,
Finest Lambrusco Frizzant, Tesco PS6 The lightly sparking red goes well with turkeyChateau de Champteloup brut 2016 Cremant de Loire, Iceland Dry, easy drinking, great with smoked salmon PS10Exquisite Cremant du Jura, Aldi PS8.99 100% chardonnay grapes give it a creamy finishCuvee Royale Brut Cremant de Limoux Waitrose PS11.99 A rich, dry sparkling wine with a biscuity tastePS7.99 Clairette de Die Cuvee Cesar, Lidl Can be drunk alone or with fruit-based dessertsTaste the Difference Pignoletto Brut Sainsbury's PS8 Fruity, unlike the yeasty taste of champagneCorvezzo Organic Prosecco, Morrisons PS8.25 PSOrganic choice with floral aroma but elegant finishHeretat El Padruell, brut cava, Penedes, Spain, M&S PS8.50 Drier than usual for cava but with an appley flavour
| Bouvet Ladubay Bouvet Saumur Brut NV, France (PS12.99 each, or PS9.99 Mix Six, Majestic): If you're looking for the next best thing to champagne, lovers of beautiful fizz frequently suggest a Cremant de Loire made with the same traditional method.
Remember, too, that Champagne comes in many different styles and can be sweet or dry (not sweet) and thus can be labelled from Brut Sauvage (very dry) and Brut (dry), to Sec, Demi-sec and Doux, the sweetest, in ascending levels of sweetness.
On your Big Shop look for Tesco Finest Franciacorta Docg Brut (PS15, 12.5% abv, below) with its ripe fruit and citrus flavours and a hint of brioche.
The supermarket's award-winning Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut ([pounds sterling]12.99) will be wrapped in a limited-edition Wimbledon design, featuring a pristine lawn wrapping and tennis racquet motif -- the perfect tipple to toast with and celebrate this year's hotly anticipated tournament.
BISSINGER CHAMPAGNE PREMIUM CUVEE BRUT, PS17.99, Lidl (in store only) THIS should definitely be on your champagne bucket list, if you love a fruity style that some of us like to call a 'nightclub champagne' - in other words, it won't tire your taste-buds before the last dance.