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(both: bro͞ot), or


(bro͞o`təs), a Trojan, legendary founder of the British race, descendant of AeneasAeneas
, in Greek mythology, a Trojan, son of Anchises and Aphrodite. After the fall of Troy he escaped, bearing his aged father on his back. He stayed at Carthage with Queen Dido, then went to Italy, where his descendants founded Rome.
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. His story appears in Nennius and in Geoffrey of Monmouth, and his name gives the titles to long poems by Wace and Layamon.
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29, Aldi's, Philippe Michel Cremant du Jura Chardonnay Brut 2012 is a steal.
90) Nicholas Feuiilatte Premier Cru Brut, NV (France).
If only one text of the Brut must be chosen for the purposes of reading and scholarship, I would agree with Donald Bzdyl that Caligula is the 'obvious choice'.
Kim Crawford 'Rory' Brut NV New Zealand - a full bodied wine with plenty of toasty, nutty complexity.
At its full price of PS24 the pinot noir-dominated Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut NV should not V have made it into this list.
Oudinot Brut Champagne Marks and Spencer, PS25 Plenty of fizz and refreshing lemony undertones.
This Brut pairs well with any food, and its long shelf life means the 2015 Royals can be celebrated for months or years to come-it's a great commemorative bottle.
GARDEN | PARTY A SPANISH gem that offers everything in the style stakes, Elyssia Cava Pinot Noir Brut (currently PS45, reduced from PS89.
FESTIVAL FIZZ | The ultimate arm candy for pleasure seekers, admittedly you'll have to invest in a few of these Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 bottles in Brut and Rose (Brut Reserve PS10, Rose PS12, John Lewis), but think how stylish you'll look.
Au mois de decembre dernier, le brut de reference algerien, le Sahara Blend, a perdu 16,67 dollars, selon les statistiques de l'Organisation des pays exportateurs de petrole (Opep).
Second place went to Marks and Spencer's Herbert Beaufort Champagne Grand Cru Carte d'Or Brut NV - scoring 7.
By this time of his career, the champ who'd once floored the great Cassius Clay - later Muhammud Ali - was synonymous with Brut.