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see BrunhildBrunhild
, Brünnehilde
, or Brynhild
, mighty female warrior of Germanic mythology and literature. In the Nibelungenlied, a medieval German epic poem (see under Nibelungen), she is the warlike queen of Iceland, whom Siegfried defeats in combat and wins
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Lundin Petroleum AB (TSX:LUP)(OMX:LUPE), a Swedish independent oil and gas exploration and production company, has increased its interest in the Brynhild Field, offshore Norway.
Brynhild and Ennt, from Norway, said they enjoyed their bus tour of the city and said the Anglican Cathedral was "very impressive".
dragon, then kills Mimir, then betroths himself to the Valkyrie Brynhild. In Volsunga Saga, Sigurd will pursue no dragon until he has avenged his father.
(27) Vanessa Bell's son Quentin also married into the second generation of 1880s socialism (twice over) in 1952 by wedding Anne Olivier Popham, the daughter of Brynhild Olivier (daughter of Sydney and sister of Noel) and Arthur Ewart 'Hugh' Popham (nephew of Ernest Radford).
And I remember Brynhild old To craven Gunther wed, --But the worms know well her hair of gold, For Odin's child is dead.
The plot is complicated by the fact that another powerful woman, Brynhild, has already claimed Sigurd but is tricked into marrying Gudrun's brother, Gunnar, for whom she has no love.
This is attested by Brynhild herself after Sigurd's death: "He proved, when he carne to me, how he kept his oaths, for he laid between us two the sharp-edged sword that was tempered with poison" (116).
Tensions build and multiply until Ambrosius and Sigbrit Holland, accompanied by ghostly shadow figures such as the transparent woman, Brynhild Sigurdskaer, the silent omnipresent stranger Der Fremdling, a hermit from Old Northland (Norway), Harald Adelstensfostre, and a former inmate of an insane asylum, Gunnar med Hovedet, manage to turn the tide and return Odin safely to the unnamed island beyond time and place.
Though more research has been done into the Celtic - especially Irish - manifestations of the theme of Sovereignty,(2) this theme is equally widespread in Greek and Germanic myth; according to the twelfth century scholar Snorri Sturluson, the function of the Valkyries was to serve the sacred mead in Val-hall;(3) Brynhild's acceptance of Sigurd was signalled by the rune-cup she handed him after he woke her up on her flame-encircled mountain;(4) in canto x of The Odyssey Circe offered Odysseus' men a bowl containing food and wine mixed with a drug that enslaved their minds and bodies to her will.
Brunhild or Brunhild or Brynhild also called Brunhilda or BrunhildeA beautiful Amazonlike princess in ancient Germanic heroic literature, known from Old Norse sources (the Eddic poems and the Volsunga saga) and from the Nibelungenlied in German.