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see BrunhildBrunhild
, Brünnehilde
, or Brynhild
, mighty female warrior of Germanic mythology and literature. In the Nibelungenlied, a medieval German epic poem (see under Nibelungen), she is the warlike queen of Iceland, whom Siegfried defeats in combat and wins
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And I remember Brynhild old To craven Gunther wed, --But the worms know well her hair of gold, For Odin's child is dead.
Tensions build and multiply until Ambrosius and Sigbrit Holland, accompanied by ghostly shadow figures such as the transparent woman, Brynhild Sigurdskaer, the silent omnipresent stranger Der Fremdling, a hermit from Old Northland (Norway), Harald Adelstensfostre, and a former inmate of an insane asylum, Gunnar med Hovedet, manage to turn the tide and return Odin safely to the unnamed island beyond time and place.
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Technip (Paris:TEC) (ISIN:FR0000131708) was awarded by Lundin Petroleum a lump sum contract, worth approximately [euro]100 million, for the Brynhild field development.
In the next two years Lundin Petroleum will more than double its production to over 75,000 boepd with the start of the production from the Brynhild, BE[sup.