Brzesc Kujawski

Brześć Kujawski


populated site in Poland (southwest of Włocławek) near which remains of over 30 ancient settlements from the early Neolithic period to the Middle Ages were discovered. Excavations were carried out in 1933–39 and 1950. Of special interest are the large, late Neolithic (Tisa culture) settlements of farmers and livestock breeders. About 60 large trapeziform houses and a number of burial sites were discovered in the latter. Fragments of ceramics, bone bracelets, hunting axes made of horn, and copper decorations and weapons (apparently imported) were found. Remains belonging to 15 other archaeological cultures have also been uncovered in Brześć Kujawski.


Jaźdźewski, K. “Cmentarzyska kultury ceramiki wstegowej i zwiazane z nimi ślady osadnictwa w Brześciu Kujawskim.” Wiadomości archeologiczne, 1938, vol. 15.
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freshwater mussels were used not only as food but also for the production of ornaments in the Brzesc Kujawski group of the Lengyel culture, which represents the northernmost tradition of the Central European Early Neolitnic.
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The influence of the Bodrogkeresztur culture in Poland is well documented (Kozlowski 2006) and is visible in the Polgar groups in Lesser Poland, particularly the Wyciaze-Zlotniki group, in the Lengyel culture, such as the Jordanow group in Lower Silesia, the Late Lengyel Ocice group in Upper Silesia, the Brzesc Kujawski group of the Lengyel culture in the Polish Lowlands, and finally in the Lublin-Volhynia culture (Patay 1963; Kozlowski 1968, 1971, 2006; Wojciechowski 1972; Kaczanowska 1986; Kamienska & Kozlowski 1990; Kadrow 1992: ryc.
The first metal objects from the south-east appeared in Neolithic Brzesc Kujawski group burials (Grygie12008).
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