Bubble Point

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bubble point

[′bəb·əl ‚pȯint]
(physical chemistry)
In a solution of two or more components, the temperature at which the first bubbles of gas appear. Also known as boiling point.

Bubble Point


(or boiling point), the temperature at which the transition to vapor begins for a solution of given composition in the liquid phase. The bubble point is generally lower than the condensation temperature, at which a vapor of the same composition begins condensing into the liquid phase. Azeotropic mixtures, for which the two temperatures are equal, are an exception.

The relation of the bubble and condensation points of solutions to the compositions of the solutions is determined by Raoult’s laws and Konovalov’s rules and can be graphically represented by a phase diagram. The elevation of the bubble point of a solution compared with the boiling point of the pure solvent is studied in ebulliometry.

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Undersaturated oil viscosity correlations, which usually use saturated crude oil viscosity and pressure above the bubble point to predict viscosity of undersaturated oil reservoirs.
The results of our vapor pressure measurements of both pure propane and pure butane, and the bubble point measurements of the propane + butane mixture, are listed in Tables 1-3, respectively.
This direct flow technology, combined with advanced microelectronic circuitry, provides the Palltronic Flowstar the high accuracy and precision required to perform automated Forward Flow, Water Intrusion and Bubble Point tests, as well as a sequential Forward Flow/Bubble Point test.
The Hunton represents a low risk enterprise for Petroflow since we use Bubble Point Technology to recover a resource that is already identified.
All these measurements represent the region above the bubble point pressure.
The instrument can determine the bubble point, pore distribution and mean flow pore size.
The experience of Petroflow's management team and the Bubble Point Technology that we employ has allowed us to be successful in the Hunton.
PMI) has launched its "Production Bubble Point Tester (QCB-10)" to provide fast and accurate determination of the largest pore size of a given sample, within the range of 0.
Our strategy to employ Bubble Point Technology in the Hunton is working.
Filters can be tested for maximum pore size (using the bubble point test), mean flow pore size, pore distribution--using capability flow porometry--and gas permeability.
The Bubble Point Technology that we employ in the Hunton Resource Play is reliable, and we are pleased to continue our production growth on a consistent basis", stated Mr.