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bubinga, African rosewood

A west African wood, light red to violet in color, often with purple stripes, frequently figured; hard, high density; used as interior finish and for decorative paneling.
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The 155 pieces of Maple, Bloodwood, Bubinga, Walnut and Yellowheart kept the artist awake at night solving the intricacies of incorporating arcs in his work.
Cabinets of exotic woods, such as deep-red bubinga and light-colored frieze; also cabinets set at varying heights or upper and lower cabinets of different colors.
One such "exotic" woodgrain is Bubinga, an Equatorial African rosewood.
The one-piece recurve's limbs have a hard-rock maple core and several configurations of exotic Bubinga and black walnut under glass.
As a side note, Mathews offers nine different woods, Jaotba, Zebra Koa, Fishtail Oak, Paduk, Bubinga, Purple Heart, Boisderose, East Indian Rosewood, and Cocobolo to customize the look of your grip.
Alexander Julian At Home is presenting Harmony, a transitional collection, with more contemporary items this market, finished in classic mahogany tones, touched by bubinga wood and ebony inlay.
At the higher end of the price scale is an outstanding line of carved pieces made from an African wood called Bubinga.
Zena Design Groups Betty Blounts interiors are of unpretentious luxury with an earthy-yet-cosmopolitan feel, featuring Bubinga and other rare woods, Travertine stone and lighting designed by local glass artisans.
Hand-bound in African Bubinga wood, the set's main volume contains an introduction by Neil Young, 21 bound photographs, lyrics from 17 classic Nash songs, and an exclusive companion CD.
The printer can take inexpensive material like MDF and transform it so it looks like a high-end bubinga veneer or an inlay.
Measuring 60 inches, it has a solid African Bubinga riser, black glass limbs, and a low shelf.
It is available in natural assamela hardwood or varnished bubinga hardwood, and is uniquely designed to function as conversational seating (face to face), as a bench and as a cocktail table as well as a love seat.