Bubnov, Ivan

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Bubnov, Ivan Grigor’evich


Born Jan. 6 (18), 1872; died Mar. 13, 1919. Russian naval engineer.

Bubnov graduated from the Kronstadt Naval Engineering College in 1891 and from the St. Petersburg Naval Academy in 1896. In 1904 he began to teach at the St. Petersburg Polytechnical Institute (from 1909 as a professor) and in 1910, at the Naval Academy. In his work entitled Stresses on Planking of Ships Caused by Water Pressure (1902), Bubnov was the first to explain the basic problems in designing plates for a ship’s hull. In his subsequent works Bubnov provided the mathematical foundation for the problems of the local and general stability of ships. He was the author of the fundamental work The Structural Mechanics of Ships (1909-11), which at that time was unique in its strict scientific approach and completeness of exposition. Bubnov’s theoretical works found wide acceptance in the design of battleships (during the years 1908-10). Bubnov built the first Russian submarine, the Delfin, which was equipped with internal combustion engines (laid down in 1902), and later a submarine of the Bars type (laid down in 1912).


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