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Fuller, Richard Buckminster


Born July 12, 1895, in Milton, Mass. American architect and engineer.

Fuller attended Harvard University from 1913 to 1915. Since 1947 he has been working on geodesic domes, which are light yet strong structures in the form of a hemisphere or three-quarter sphere made of standardized polygonal units. An example was the US pavilion at the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal (80 m in diameter). Fuller advocates the technocratic theory of “total design,” that is, the reorganization of life by rational technology.


McHale, J. Buckminster Fuller. London-New York, 1962.
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Almost by necessity banks have moved to the point where the kind of personal service one might have expected from a bank in 1970 when Buckminster Fuller wrote that he seemed 'to be a verb' is now only available to those who avail of, at the very least, a premium banking service if not a private banking service.
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In fact, Buckminster Fuller defines numbers as experiences (1975, p.
Buckminster Fuller al tener en cuenta los principios cientificos de los elementos y avances en la tecnologia para desarrollar ideas que lleven a las comunidades hacia un futuro sustentable.
Opening papers explore historical antecedents of the field, addressing the work of Robert Le Ricolais, Buckminster Fuller, and others.
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Dubbed as the amazing magnetic toy you can't put down, Buckyballs, inspired by and named after architect Buckminster Fuller, are 216 powerful rare Earth magnets.
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