Budget Financing

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Budget Financing


the assignment by the state in accordance with the ratified budget and on a nonreturn basis of budget capital to enterprises, organizations, and institutions to carry on and develop their work.

In the socialist countries, budget financing includes estimate financing and the financing of economically accountable enterprises and organizations.

As a rule, the state budget is used to finance investments in fixed and working capital for newly built enterprises, and additional capital is also allocated to existing enterprises where their own resources are inadequate.

When they do not have enough of their own resources, enterprises which have been switched to the new conditions of economic management also make use of credit, which is paid back later from internal resources. The construction of part of new enterprises (for example, in the USSR, enterprises whose payback period for construction expenditures is not greater than five years) is also financed through these resources and through bank credits.

Estimate financing is applied to a majority of organizations in the nonproduction sphere (schools, hospitals, and so on). Expenditures to expand their work are covered entirely from the budget, and all incomes received by these organizations (if they do not go to the formation of their special capital) are withdrawn as budget income.

Budget financing is built on the following principles: the scientifically substantiated determination of the magnitude of expenditures; the release of capital for strictly defined purposes; consideration of the degree of plan fulfillment; and the audit of the correct and efficient use of the capital. (In the budget financing of enterprises and organizations on profit-and-loss accounting, the scientifically substantiated determination of the magnitude of expenditures means determining the economic necessity and efficiency of the expenditures and disclosing all internal savings reserves; with estimate financing it means developing and employing scientifically substantiated expenditure norms.)

In the capitalist countries, budget financing is done through estimate financing and involves using budget capital to cover expenditures for subsidizing monopolies, state capital investments, and development of the infrastructure; stimulating export; and maintaining the state apparatus, armed forces, and various administrative and social-cultural establishments.


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The Debt Inquiry Commission has prodded the government over its plan to privatise two liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fired power plants that the authorities want to sell to raise funds for budget financing.
The $20 to $22 billion requirement for the 2019-2020 budget financing, of which 50% is debt servicing and repayments, is expected to induce nervous behaviour from the men put in charge of managing that debt.
The amount of scholarships are set depending on the sports results shown by athletes during the calendar year, within the budget financing of the authorized state body in the field of physical culture and sports and are paid to scholars on a monthly basis.
He said that due to the government's growing budget financing needs, very little capital has been left for the business to expand.
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The main risk stems from further tightening in budget financing. Additional risks arise from deteriorating banks' asset quality, lower SACU revenue and demand for key exports.
aEvery year when we start working on the 3-year budget forecast, we have a list of measures, activities, wishes that require budget financing. Within this list is the increase in the number of psychologists.
Considering the political circumstances, Kire Naumov, the additional Deputy Minister of Finance, proposed what he referred to as temporary budget financing instead of a procedure of proposing and passing a budget.
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BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- State budget of Azerbaijan will allocate 100 million AZN to the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES) in 2015, which means over 30 percent of decrease in the budget financing, said the presentation of projects of state and consolidated budget of Azerbaijan for 2015, released by the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan.

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