Budský, Josef

(redirected from Budsky, Josef)

Budský, Josef


Born June 11, 1911, in Prague. Czechoslovak actor and director. Honored Artist of the Czechoslovak SSR (1961).

Budský began his stage activity in 1927. He has been acting since 1935 and from 1945 to 1953 was artistic director of the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava. He began directing in 1945 and has staged Trenev’s Liubov’ larovaia (1950), Popov’s The Family (1951; State Prize of the Czechoslovak SSR), Tyl’s A Bloody Tribunal, or The Kutná Hora Miners (1956; State Prize of the Czechoslovak SSR, 1957), Daněk’s Look Into My Eyes (1959), Arbuzov’s Irkutsk Story (1960), and Karvaš’s Antigone and Others (1968 at the Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow). Budský has been teaching at the Theatrical College in Bratislava since 1951.


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