a river in Chimkent Oblast, Kazakh SSR. The Bugun’ is 164 km long, drains a basin of 4,680 sq km, and rises from the southwestern slopes of the Karatau Range at the confluence of the Ul’ken-Bugun’ and Bala-Bugun’ rivers. It flows into Lake Kumkol’ without reaching Syr Darya. It is fed by snow. There is a reservoir at the village of Bugun’ (area, 63 sq km). The waters are used for irrigation.

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The dailies, Bugun and Millet, ran Erdogan's photo on the front page along with the headlines "The president among the people" and "Turkey united".
Hours later - during which reporters were able to interview a leading opposition politician about the media attack, as it continued - police cut the joint broadcast of Kanalturk and Bugun TV.
The Bugun and Kanalturk media stations operated under the Koza-Ipek Group, which was seized by the government for having ties to US-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Brawls broke out and police sprayed water cannon to disperse dozens of people in front of the offices of Kanalturk and Bugun TV in Istanbul, a live broadcast on Bugun's website showed.
The Turkish dailies Bugun and Millet, TV stations Bugun TV and Kanalturk are run by the Ipek Media Group.
Speaking Bugun TV, Sneijder's agent, Guido Albers, revealed his client was unhappy with Cesare Prandelli's decision to leave him on the bench, and claimed he'd demanded to have crunch talks with the Italian.
Gulenist" newspapers such as Zaman and Bugun, previously loosely allied to Erdogan's AK Party, have reported details of the allegations, from pictures of cash stuffed in shoe boxes to damaging phone recordings between businessmen and Erdogan's associates, something almost unthinkable just a few months ago.
You are watching the collapse of an empire," Ricciardone was quoted as telling EU ambassadors, according to Aksam, Bugun, Yeni Safak and Star newspapers.
Migrenin karmasik bir genetik zemini vardir ve bugun icin sorumlu tutulabilecek gen sayisi ve genetik yatkinlik alelleri netlesmemistir (1,2).
Bugun de kullanilmakta olan standard PEG takilmasi islemi, Gauderer (1) tarafindan ilk kez tanimlandiktan sonra, Keymling (2) tarafindan 'pull-through' teknigi olarak gelistirilmistir.