Building alteration

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Building alteration

Construction in a building that changes the structure, equipment or location of openings, without increasing the overall area or dimensions; as distinct from additions to an existing structure.


Construction in a building which may change the structural parts, mechanical equipment, or location of openings, but does not increase the overall area of dimensions of the building.
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Because HCDs are often implicitly equated with excessively stringent building renovation codes, we asked residents if they had made applications for building alterations in the past and, if so, whether these were approved and within what length of time.
Due to subsequent building alterations, the plaques were again relocated, high up on the facade of the building on the corner of the former St Georges and Waterkant streets--both pedestrian walkways today--from where it disappeared.
Proposal of required building alterations in provision of adequate protective properties of an improvised shelter.
Cochran argues that the distinctly western architecture style of Xiang's stores and its affiliates in China and Southeast Asia projected the image of advanced pharmaceutical products, while traditional banners and subtle building alterations affirmed the familiar in local culture.
The money will also be used to enable Trusts to carry out minor building alterations and introduce further measures to reduce energy consumption.
Greenwood, SC, are each being awarded a maximum amount of $12 million firm-fixed-price, indefinite-IDIQ construction contract for general building alterations, renovations, repairs, demolition and minor construction.
Quiggins' owner Peter Tierney has even agreed to pay for any building alterations.
In the event of mechanical damage, building alterations etc, areas can be re-coated with little inconvenience and at minimum cost, within the same time schedules as most conventional painting programmes.
But he refused Mr Stannard's request for an injunction against his neighbour forcing him to carry out building alterations.
Graeme says: "Often it is less work selling a substantial, expensive home than a small flat, possibly with building alterations and shared property.
Management rather than physical change may be the solution but if building alterations are needed it may be possible to reduce the cost by including them in a planned maintenance programme rather than treating them as a one-off project.

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