Building alteration

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Building alteration

Construction in a building that changes the structure, equipment or location of openings, without increasing the overall area or dimensions; as distinct from additions to an existing structure.
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Construction in a building which may change the structural parts, mechanical equipment, or location of openings, but does not increase the overall area of dimensions of the building.
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Management rather than physical change may be the solution but if building alterations are needed it may be possible to reduce the cost by including them in a planned maintenance programme rather than treating them as a one-off project.
One of her neighbours said: "This is a quiet and pretty little mews and none of us want building alterations to spoil it."
* A total of $265,400 in fines, including daily penalties, issued for illegal building alterations at 14 different locations.
A two-week consultation is being carried out to hear residents' views on what services and activities should be provided at a proposed new hub in Fairwater Library building, with some anticipated minor building alterations and modifications.
Other costs include $48,000 in site work for safety barricades and post-demolition redevelopment, $152,000 to stabilize the building with shoring and bracing, $100,000 for demolition and material removal, and $180,000 in building alterations.
"The previous paediatric outpatient department had become enclosed because of other recent building alterations so was a bit dark so wasn't so suitable for children," she said.
Any other business would ensure that customers are properly catered for during building alterations.
PAINTINGS by artists whose work sells for thousands of pounds have been destroyed during building alterations at the Royal Liverpool hospital.
Giving councils stronger powers to stop illegal fly-tipping, building alterations, littering, and noise pollution.
She has been living in her predecessor's quarters while overseeing building alterations to her new home.
BUILDING industry leaders claim the UK's heritage remains at risk until the Government drops its plans to add 20% VAT to listed building alterations from October 1 this year.

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