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RMF is the only firm in the State of Maryland to earn the Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) designation through the Building Commissioning Association.
Tenders are invited for Independent Building Commissioning
com)-- Energy Management Services (EMS) is set to work with Godwin Austin Johnson (GAJ) as EHS Green Building Commissioning Consultants for their latest project, Serenia Residences on the Palm Jumeirah Crescent.
The 3rd edition of this text on HVAC control systems has been updated to cover the latest technology in web-based control and offers new and expanded content on BACnet and LionWorks building automation protocols, field-based troubleshooting scenarios, energy auditing, building commissioning, system integration, and wireless control applications.
Building commissioning (Cx) has emerged as the ideal method of verifying and documenting that building systems are installed and operating to provide the performance envisioned by the designer and Owner.
He is a former treasurer on the board of directors for the Building Commissioning Association, Northeast Region, and currently is acting secretary for the U.
Benningfield, now a member of the Building Commissioning Association, is the first in northwest Arkansas to earn the accreditation, which is required for all LEED projects to gain certification from the U.
Sykes is a graduate of the APPA Institute for Facilities Management and has completed APPA building commissioning and facilities audit workshops.
Shumway has 12 years of complex HVAC design, construction and building commissioning experience and more than 10 years of practical "hands-on" operational experience in the nuclear submarine service.
Building Commissioning is the process of ensuring that a facility's operating, maintenance, and program support requirements are met and that the institution is receiving the quality for which it has contracted.
Building commissioning services - which ensure that a commercial building's equipment and control systems are performing as designed and that there are procedures in place to maintain high performance over time - have been offered for decades.
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