Building construction

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Building construction

The fabrication and erection of a building by the process of assembly, or by combining building components or systems.

building construction

The fabrication and erection of a building by assembling or combining building components, subsystems, or systems.
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Table 48: Russian Retail Building Construction - Demolition Activities (RUB Billion), 2012-2016
Here is a rundown of some major building construction markets.
4 Institutional Building Construction in Heilongjiang
Trimble's Building Construction Division is a leading innovator of productivity solutions for the building construction contractor.
Table 4: Commercial Building Construction Output in Northern China: Historic Market Value, 2007-2011
Each building assembly represents a building construction activity that can be fully defined as a unique portion of the total project.
In the building construction cost index with base 2005=100 which consists of October, November, December in the fourth period of 2010, compared to the previous period 1.
Air Force: will set aside contracts for (1) building construction, NAICS sector 236; heavy and civil engineering construction, NAICS code 237120; (2) architect and engineering services, including surveying and mapping.
Building Construction didn't return a call for comment.
Detailed within are examples of what steel metalcasters and their customers need to know to be able to produce castings for building construction applications.
The standard used to test for fire resistance in building construction is ASTM El19 - fire tests of building construction and materials and ASTM E 108 - fire tests of roof coverings.
8%; for construction divisions, such as heavy or building construction, it was 44.

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