Building envelope

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building envelope

[′bil·diŋ ′en·və‚lōp]
(civil engineering)
The interior, enclosed space of a building.

Building envelope

The entire outer shell of a building enclosed by its roof, walls, doors, windows, and foundation. The envelope can minimize temperature gain or loss and moisture infiltration, and protection from colder and warmer outdoor temperatures and precipitation, and it includes both an insulation layer and an air infiltration layer. It is a key factor in the “sustainability” of a building. Common measures of the effectiveness of building envelopes include protection from the external environment, indoor air quality, durability, influx of natural light, and energy efficiency.


1. The imaginary shape of a building indicating its maximum volume; used to check the plan and setback (and similar restrictions) with respect to zoning regulations.
2. The folded-over, continuous edge formed by turning the lowest ply of a built-up roofing membrane over the top surface layer; prevents bitumen from dripping through the exposed edge joints and seepage of water into the insulation.
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Shaffer has been involved with the Institute from its inception in early 2009; now he is focusing his full attention to the development and growth of the Building Envelope Science Institute which has grown to over 130 certified members since its launch in October 2009.
Electrical work as part of the renovation of the building envelope and implementation of fire safety measures.
A tight house is one that does not allow outside air into the living environment through unintentional holes, cracks, and gaps in the building envelope.
A key task is to ensure that efficiency of service is enhanced by the building envelope and the technology that fits within it.
The proper design of heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning equipment for buildings and industrial applications depends, in part, on accurate computation of heat transmission through the components of the building envelope.
YKK AP America, the leader in manufacturing high quality architectural products, today launched its Rapid Building Envelope Program.
We value the opportunity to open up lines of communication between our company and HomeSphere's local and regional builders," said Henry Company Vice President of Residential Building Envelope Eric Velander.
Building envelope consulting to provide expert oversight on both new and existing County buildings.
com)-- The first class of 20 students for the Building Envelope Science Institute's new course series on Building Envelope was successfully certified on October 23, 2013.
So the graceful, undulating roofscape that has been a hallmark of the emerging plan has become a defensible planning tool under Singapore's strict controls over allowable floor area per parcel, the roofscape helps define a building envelope that frames the pursuit of that urban porosity.
Mold, pests, allergens, structural damage, and unwanted heat loss arise when unwanted water accumulates in the building envelope.
REI Engineers, an Engineering firm specializing in building envelope (roofing and waterproofing) design and consulting, announces its arrival in Florida with facility design and engineering services available immediately.

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