Building envelope

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building envelope

[′bil·diŋ ′en·və‚lōp]
(civil engineering)
The interior, enclosed space of a building.

Building envelope

The entire outer shell of a building enclosed by its roof, walls, doors, windows, and foundation. The envelope can minimize temperature gain or loss and moisture infiltration, and protection from colder and warmer outdoor temperatures and precipitation, and it includes both an insulation layer and an air infiltration layer. It is a key factor in the “sustainability” of a building. Common measures of the effectiveness of building envelopes include protection from the external environment, indoor air quality, durability, influx of natural light, and energy efficiency.


1. The imaginary shape of a building indicating its maximum volume; used to check the plan and setback (and similar restrictions) with respect to zoning regulations.
2. The folded-over, continuous edge formed by turning the lowest ply of a built-up roofing membrane over the top surface layer; prevents bitumen from dripping through the exposed edge joints and seepage of water into the insulation.
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CLEB's employees will join and strengthen UL's industry professionals and recently inaugurated building envelope testing facility located in Northbrook, Illinois.
His areas of expertise include performance of building envelope and roof assessments, specialty testing, litigation support, moisture surveys, design, construction oversight and contract administration.
For this reason, the performance of the building envelope should be evaluated during construction to ensure compliance with the design intent.
When it comes to existing buildings, the age of the structure, the materials used in its construction and the type of building envelope system can influence its ability to resist the forces of climate change.
The better your building envelope is, the less energy your home will require to remain comfortable.
He brings over 17 years of experience in all aspects of Structural Engineering, and is a specialist in the investigation of building envelope failures, and the design and implementation of remedial measures.
Contract award notice: Works for the building envelope 2, 3 (1st phase), 4 (2nd phase), And exterior carpentry work for building 1 (2nd phase) to be executed in the interest of the hmc league in capellen.
US-based private equity firm American Securities LLC has closed its acquisition of US-based building envelope solutions manufacturer Henry Co, LLC in partnership with the company's management team.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 7, 2016-American Securities Completes Acquisition of Building Envelope Solutions Firm Henry Co
As Senior Architect, Graz is responsible for overseeing project teams and mentoring junior staff in the development of design solutions for the building envelope that meet technical, functional, and aesthetic objectives.
Building Envelope sustainability requires both green architecture and green building processes throughout a building's life-cycle, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and even demolition.

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