Building height

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Building height

The vertical distance measured from the grade level to a flat roof or to the average height of a pitched, gable, hip, or gambrel roof, not including bulkheads or penthouses.

building height

The vertical distance measured from curb or grade level to the highest level of a flat or mansard roof, or to the average height of a pitched, gabled, hip, or gambrel roof; in general, bulkheads, penthouses, etc., are excluded provided they are relatively low and do not occupy a large percentage of the area of the roof upon which they are located.
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The draft variation provides for increased opportunities but the potential for negative impacts is mitigated through building height limitations and design criteria contained in the variation.
001) from each of the GPS devices to assess the significance of relative accuracy within the three building height classes.
Proposed zoning changes would allow small wind turbines above building height limits on buildings taller than 100 feet and on buildings lower than 100 feet near the waterfront, except in low-density residence districts.
water) by Building Height and Inside and Outside Temperature BUILDING HEIGHT OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE, INSIDE TEMPERATURE, [DELTA]p, [degrees]F [degrees]F in.
Skyline profile and building height control in Hong Kong.
Most importantly, the committee rejected a proposal to remove provisions NAA/NMHC had placed in the International Building Code (IBC) that allow an extra story and additional building height when owners install an NFPA 13R sprinkler system.
It was also unclear how many particles existed in the atmosphere above building height.
Depending on building height, Type 2 construction includes enlarged stairwell landings with communication access to accommodate residents awaiting rescue.
The building height in 2-storey range is from ground level approximately 8.
Limiting building height to 15 or 18 feet, depending on roof pitch.
The assemblage allows for a building height of 208 ft.
Round face Make a round face look softer by building height to the top of the hair.

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