Building height

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Building height

The vertical distance measured from the grade level to a flat roof or to the average height of a pitched, gable, hip, or gambrel roof, not including bulkheads or penthouses.
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building height

The vertical distance measured from curb or grade level to the highest level of a flat or mansard roof, or to the average height of a pitched, gabled, hip, or gambrel roof; in general, bulkheads, penthouses, etc., are excluded provided they are relatively low and do not occupy a large percentage of the area of the roof upon which they are located.
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A constructive solution to the two shortcomings indicated above would be to delete the findings in question and replace them with the following findings: * That the land value of the developed site would be enhanced as a result of lifting the building height limits * That the new public access provided along the shoreline on the site would counterbalance any reduction in visual access to the waterfront from public spaces in the immediately surrounding upland area as a result of lifting the building height limits * That any blockage of natural light and air resulting from the lifting of the building height limits would be counterbalanced by a corresponding, relative increase in natural light and air at the sides of the subject building
The benefit for investors by gaining floor space over the building height of 100 and more stories (or above approximately 300m) is much higher than the initial investment cost for the elevator system.
The accuracy of COST231 Walfisch Ikegami model was analysed without defined building height parameters and then a 3D model was experimentally examined with defined building heights.
The impact of building height and density has been identified as a factor increasing GPS error (Melgard and Gehue 1994; Modsching, Kramer, and Hagen 2006).
Limiting building height to 15 or 18 feet, depending on roof pitch.
If so, they would have noticed that the Three Graces at the Pier Head are not, in fact, symmetrical in terms of building height. The existing cluster of tall buildings around Princes Dock and Old Hall Street are, at up to 40 storeys, taller.
The assemblage allows for a building height of 208 ft.
Store sizes will be limited to prevent large clubs from coming to the neighborhood, and building height limits on Greenwich Street will be lowered.
CZM staff said the project failed to consider traffic impact, building height and public beach access.
Within the scope of urban development planning guidelines for the former Aspern Airfield in Vienna, a maximum building height of eight storeys and a coefficient of utilisation of 2.5 are permitted.
Since 2000, when architect Yves Lion proposed building 20-to-40-story towers in a no mans land at the edge of the beltway, a building height debate has raged in the city.
Bill Baker, SOM's structural engineering partner, said the building height is economically possible because of a newly invented structural system, the "Buttressed Core."

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