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Thirty-seven percent saw these components totally changing the home building industry.
Approximately 10 percent of building industry workers lived in Long Island, while nine percent lived in New Jersey and five percent reported residences in the Mid-Hudson Valley in 2013, the most recent year for which ACS data are available.
Sustainability Issues will Continue to Shed New Perspectives on Buildings The market outlook focus on five important areas in the building industry that have the potential for business opportunities for market participants in the Asia-Pacific region.
So we are looking forward to hearing input from the building industry in general.
Paralleling the phenomenon of recycling used products into newly formed products, the building industry has witnessed the increase of whole buildings being recycled.
Dana Buntrock describes the history and setup of the Japanese building industry as seen from an American perspective.
Steve Loken, president of the Center for Resourceful Building Technology in Missoula, Montana, says that the building industry needs reform.
As the technologies in the building industry are more business driven than research oriented, they are likely to benefit from technological advancements taking place in other areas also.
Established in 1959, the FCBIA has a local affiliation with the National Association of Home Builders to represent the building industry and to promote housing opportunities for those who live or are planning to move to Frederick County.
The report also found that 47 percent of all building industry workers were born abroad.
We took a neutral position on it,'' said Gretchen Gutierrez, executive director of the Building Industry Association's Antelope Valley chapter.
The building industry is one of the largest in the country as well as in our area.

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