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77) During this period, city planning advocates throughout the country seized upon building line ordinances as examples of laws whose enforcement would make for a more efficient, beautiful city.
Even if the design had architectural merit, how did the council give itself permission to build 27 feet forward of one of the most famous building lines in Europe?
The lines are organized as follows: Line 1 beds house new building Line 2 Laboratory and stock building Line 3 reserve The content of this invitation to tender is the installation of a tube mailing system in the new building of the Bettenhaus, which is currently under construction.
It is currently building Line 1 of the Panama Metro, in a deal worth $1.
REGARDING recent letters about parking on pavements, as an ex-parking attendant with five years experience, I would advise people not to park on pavements as they can most definitely be issued with a parking fine if there is a white lined bay or yellow lines along the road adjacent to that pavement A ticket can be issued to a vehicle if parked anywhere from the white line in the middle of the road to the building line which is generally a garden wall or such like.
The cost of actually building Line One is now estimated at around pounds 155m and Line Two pounds 147m.
On the more hermetic east facade, the concrete slabs project beyond the building line to form light shelves that reflect illumination back into the heart of the building.
Invitation to tender: The subject of procurement is works on periodic maintenance Kranjceviceva on the part of Tratinska to new road with a length of 598 m, within which envisages replacing the entire road construction in the full width of the road or within the building line particles road.
The north-west corner ends in a nine-storey block of offices reaching out to the normal building line.
The main criterion must surely be that of scale, and the only design sympathetic in size to the Three Graces is Alsop's, which does not extend beyond the present waterfront building line (although I can live without the canal).

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