Building permit

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Building permit

A written document that is granted by the municipal agency having jurisdiction, authorizing an applicant to proceed with construction of a specific project after the plans have been filed and reviewed.

building permit

A written authorization to an applicant (usually a builder) for a specific project allowing him to proceed with construction; granted by the municipal agency having jurisdiction after plans have been filed and reviewed favorably.
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The post Building permits rise 17% in terms of construction area, Cystat says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
This is largely owing to the full support provided by Qatar's supreme authorities of the State and the cooperation of the building permit beneficiaries, including the consultancy offices, government entities and municipalities, Qatar is booming reports.
The building permit system is expected to contribute to the enhancement of system performance, including electronic approval of plans, online payment, and linking with the land registration system, Lusail City projects, management and organisation of meetings, requests for increases in electricity loads, issuance of building completion certificates, and performance evaluation standards, in addition to reviewing the plan notes utilising the Auto View software.
Both New York and New Jersey saw hikes in both single family building permits and foreclosure starts from a year ago.
In Chelan County, Hallman said her department received 30 single-family home building permit applications in December, compared to eight in November.
The court concluded that Serota was entitled to the building permit and to operate without a special use permit.
She was applying for a building permit in 2005 when the county notified her that the parcel did not have necessary landuse and building approvals.
DOUGLAS - Building permits are about to get more expensive.
To avoid the application of the new law and this regulation, XYZ worked feverishly to obtain a building permit before the new rules were to take effect.
Many jurisdictions require contractors to make security deposits when applying for a building permit.
Enhanced Service Enables Builders and Contractors to Manage Building Permits Online
The post Building permits until July rise 20% in terms of area, Cystat says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .

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