Building permit

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Building permit

A written document that is granted by the municipal agency having jurisdiction, authorizing an applicant to proceed with construction of a specific project after the plans have been filed and reviewed.

building permit

A written authorization to an applicant (usually a builder) for a specific project allowing him to proceed with construction; granted by the municipal agency having jurisdiction after plans have been filed and reviewed favorably.
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Eugene issued slightly more than 2,000 building permits during 2007, divided among about 375 new buildings - including 275 new single-family homes, and 64 new commercial buildings - and 1,600 projects that involved additions or alterations.
The increase in the total value of building permits granted in the city shows a growing city, but doesn't tell the whole story.
Valuations for commercial building permits in Anchorage increased more than 50 percent in the last year from $29.54 million in April 2004 to $44.32 million in April 2005.
The area of issuing building permits is one of those which substantially affect the ease of doing business, and many countries have implemented reforms during the last year.
The increase was on demand for new housing units with the number of building permits rising 28 per in terms of construction area, to 207,787 square meters, in January to February compared to the respective two-month period last year, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Monday.
a) Preparation of documentation for the issue of a building permit (scope of documentation pursuant to Decree 499/2006 Coll., As amended by Decree 62/2013 Coll.
The increase in building permits last year was mainly on an 81 per cent rise in the construction area of non-housing projects, to 372,806 square metres, accompanied by a 59 per cent increase in the value, to e1/4380.7m, Cystat said.
Since its inauguration on February 2, 2014, efforts to update the building permit system have continued consistently, resulting in many obstacles being removed and shortcomings adjusted.
Construction continues to drive the North Bay market with the total value of building permits issued by the end of September, totaling $59,625,695, up considerably from the $33,296,307 issued during all of last year.
The number of building permits that would fall under the new program are unknown because there is no program.
Provision issue rightful building permit (a common authorization construction)
The area of construction projects that secured a building permit in January to October last year rose an annual 35 per cent, to 1,129,084 square meters, while their value rose 38 per cent, to AaAaAeA@1/41.3bn, t statistical service said.

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