Building subsystem

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Building subsystem

An assembly of components that performs a specific function in a building; for example, an air-conditioning system consisting of its components, such as ductwork, a fan, air diffusers, and controls.

building subsystem

1. A complete group of elements or set of parts that form and function as a unit within a finished building.
2. An assemblage of components that perform a specific function in a building, e.g., an air-conditioning system consisting of its components such as a fan, ductwork, air diffusers, and controls.
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2 shows an example of three building subsystems, a lighting system, space-people system and a hydraulic heating system.
Invitation to tender: Technical Documentation For Obtaining A Construction Permit For The Upgrade Of The Water Supply Sub-Systems In The Area Of Grobnik And Building Subsystems To Transport Water To Platku, All For The Purpose Of Water Supply S.
The new IBMS helps SMU react to continuously evolving energy load patterns, and allows SMU to easily adapt its power usage to address the constantly changing needs across multiple building subsystems.
It provides for the design, engineering, documentation, analysis, and management of building electrical systems, including lighting, power, fire detection, security, communications, and other building subsystems.
Due to the category and classification tracks from a European perspective with the selected network TEN - T (freight corridor) is necessary to meet the requirements of regulations and EU directives on railway interoperability - to meet the requirements of Directive 2008/57 / EC for building subsystems concerned, D4 class load capacity and loading cross section Z-GC and ensuring operability.

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