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, formerly Buitenzorg
[Du.,=free from care], city (1990 pop. 271,341), W Java, Indonesia. At the foot of two volcanoes, it is a highland resort and an agricultural research center, known chiefly for its magnificent botanical gardens (laid out 1817).
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, Indonesia.
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Em contraste, os genotipos Buitenzorg e 0116-01 nao apresentaram reducao significativa na fitomassa fresca.
Whilst journeying through Java in May 1808, Daendels drew up a plan to construct a road between Buitenzorg and Karangsemboeng (in Cheribon).
15pm - Trot: Willie Hill, Dan Lucky, Godwin Montana, Koert Buitenzorg, Galion de Sial, Lou Morgan, Gallant Guy, Sun is Rising.
Envio la piel al museo de Buitenzorg (actualmente Bogor), en la isla de Java, donde los biologoscuradores bautizaron al animal como Varanus komodoensis.
2688/15' (Letter to the Governor General of the Netherland Indies in Buitenzorg, from the Commissioner of Timor and Dependencies, dated 7th May 1917).
Distrito Autonomo de Timor e Instituto Botanico de Buitenzorg (Java), conferencia realisada em a noute de 13 de maio de 1907'.
He contacted Hare, who was then staying at Government House, Buitenzorg, and Hare went down to Batavia and met Ross for the first time.
To support his argument, Goss explores a number of diverse sources from the Netherlands and Indonesia, and uses the Buitenzorg (Bogor) Botanical Gardens as a backdrop to explore the histories of scientists and administrators, from colonial-era naturalist Franz Junghuhn to scientists at the modern Institute of Scientific Research (better known by its Indonesian acronym, LIPI).
9pm - Trot: Rockette, Erpedo B, Darkies Lad, Godwin Montana, Koert Buitenzorg, Galion de Sial, Lou Morgan, Gallant Guy, Sun is Rising, Markies Hanover.
This Dutch heritage was also linked to Indonesian national history by the proposition of a 'historical axis'--from Kota Tua to the National Monument, and further south to the city of Bogor (formerly Buitenzorg, where colonial elites had their weekend residences and Sukarno later had his presidential palace)--which would serve 'as a spatial reference and identity axis for the metropolis and the region and as a basis for a program of cultural tourism' (Gill 1991:21).
Kartosuwiryo's unilateral freezing of Masyumi was apparently rejected or ignored by a number of regional Masyumi branches, including those at Cirebon and Buitenzorg ('De Daroel Islam-beweging in West-Java').
Within a few years of the inception of the Chamber of Commerce at Batavia, for example, its president, none other than Reynst & Vinju's Van Delden, found himself being invited by GG Pieter Meijer to spend a few days with him at the vice-regal palace at Buitenzorg (Bogor) (Molsbergen 1936:47).