Bulatukov, Khasan

Bulatukov, Khasan Shakhimovich


Born Aug. 16, 1907; died 1937. Soviet Nogai writer. Member of the CPSU from 1930. Born in the aul (village) of Kyzyl-Iurt, Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Oblast.

Bulatukov graduated from the Soviet Party School in 1927 and Rostov Communist University in 1930. He became secretary of the Cherkess regional committee of the CPSU in 1930. His first publication appeared in 1931. He is the author of Fatimat (1932), the first Nogai play; the tale Two Lives (1936); and a collection of poetry entitled Azret (1937). Bulatukov’s principal themes were the establishment of Soviet power in the Nogai auls, the emancipation of mountain women, and the construction of kolkhozes.


Ëki yashav. Cherkessk, 1967.