Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


the highest scholarly institution of Bulgaria. Located in Sofia. The academy was created in 1911 on the basis of the Bulgarian Society of Friends of Knowledge (Bulgarsko Knizhovno Druzhestvo), which was formed in 1869 by Bulgarian émigrés in the Rumanian city of Brăila. Until the establishment of the people’s regime in 1944, the work of the academy was limited to cultural activity, education, and publishing. In 1949 the academy was reorganized and placed under the direct jurisdiction of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria. The academy’s main tasks are the development and coordination of the natural and social sciences in the country. All the administrative bodies of the academy are elective. The supreme directive bodies of the academy are the general assembly, presidium, and bureau of the presidium.

In 1970 the academy had nine divisions: mathematics and physics; engineering; chemistry; geology and geography; biology; medicine; philosophy, economics, and law; history and pedagogy; and linguistics, literature, and fine arts. Within the divisions there were 50 scientific research institutes, laboratories, and groups. In 1970 the staff of the academy consisted of 46 academicians, 53 corresponding members, and 68 foreign members, including 16 Soviet scholars. The library had more than 850,000 volumes. The academy has been publishing Dokladi (Reports, since 1948), Izvestiia of various institutes, and other periodical publications.

The academy has carried out much scientific and organizational work toward the formulation of a long-range plan for the development of Bulgarian science until 1980. It has close links with the higher educational institutions of the country. The academy is a member of many international organizations and societies (UNESCO, the International Council of Scientific Unions, and others).


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