Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee BRCC

Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC)


the revolutionary organization that led the national liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman yoke in the 1870’s. The BRCC was founded on the initiative of V. Levskii and L. Karavelov. (According to the Bulgarian historian A. Burmov, the BRCC was founded in 1869 in Bucharest; according to D. Kosev, it was founded in the latter half of 1870.) In addition to revolutionary democrats led by V. Levskii, the BRCC membership included persons who were vacillating between the revolutionaries and the liberals. The program of the committee proclaimed the goal of liberating Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke “by means of a revolution, using arms and other means.” The charter of the BRCC, drawn up by V. Levskii, provided for the formation of a broad network of local committees in the country. Founded under the leadership of V. Levskii, these committees began to prepare for an insurrection. An uprising that began in September 1875 was crushed; after this, dissension increased in the BRCC. A number of its members (Kh. Botev and others) quit the committee. The BRCC virtually ceased its activities in 1876.


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