Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee BSCRC

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Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee (BSCRC)


created in the first half of 1885 in Plovdiv by a group of participants in the national revolutionary movement, headed by Z. Stoianov. It set the goal of preparing for the reunification of Eastern Rumelia with the principality of Bulgaria. The press organ of the committee was the newspaper Borba. The organizational structure of the BSCRC was similar to that of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC). However, participating along with revolutionaries in the BSCRC were bourgeois political figures and members of the big industrial bourgeoisie. The program of the BSCRC did not mention a struggle for a democratic republic or the implementation of social measures. After the reunification was carried out as a result of a popular uprising on Sept. 6 (18), 1885, prepared by the BSCRC in Eastern Rumelia and supported by the army, the BSCRC was disbanded.


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