Bulk Modulus

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bulk modulus

[¦bəlk ′mäj·ə·ləs]
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Bulk Modulus


the ratio of the value of uniform pressure to the value of the relative volume compression caused by this pressure.

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Since the waveguide is the host frame of unit cell, the effective bulk modulus [B.sub.eff] is defined as
In order to further predict theoretically the mechanical properties such as hardness ([H.sub.V]) and crack, the bulk modulus (B), shear modulus (G), hardness ([H.sub.V]), and universal elastic anisotropy index ([A.sup.U]) values are shown in Table 7.
where [epsilon] is the volume strain, [T.sub.0] is the initial temperature, T - [T.sub.0] is the change in temperature, [[beta].sub.b] is the volume thermal expansion coefficient of solid skeleton, [P.sub.e] is the effective pressure, and [K.sub.d] is the bulk modulus of drainage.
The bulk modulus appears to be less sensitive than the shear modulus to the relaxation that occurs after the application of the homogeneous strain.
The GGA methods are able to predict the ground state properties (lattice constants, elastic moduli, and bulk modulus) of alpha uranium bulk.
From this, Macken [8] derives an "interactive bulk modulus of spacetime", which we identify with the spacetime continuum bulk modulus, given by
Osmium has a low compressibility and has high bulk modulus. Powdered osmium when exposed to the air becomes highly toxic in nature.
where [V.sub.w] = velocity of the pressure wave in the line, in feet per second; K = bulk modulus of water (300,000 lbs./sq.
As an example, we calculated two cases with different values of fluid salinity, viscosity and solid bulk modulus in a full space model and a half space model, respectively.