Bulk Plant

bulk plant

[′bəlk ‚plant]
(petroleum engineering)
A wholesale receiving and distributing facility for petroleum products; includes storage tanks, warehouses, railroad sidings, truck loading racks, and related elements. Also known as bulk terminal.

Bulk Plant


(or tank farm), a complex of structures and equipment for the receipt, storage, transshipment, and distribution of oil and petroleum products. A distinction is made among terminal, refinery, and distribution bulk plants.

Terminal bulk plants are designed for transshipment of products between vehicles or types of vehicles (from oceangoing tankers and barges to river vessels or from railroad routes to individual tanks). Refinery bulk plants may be of the raw-material type (receipt, storage, and preparation of raw materials for refining) or the commercial type (receipt of petroleum products from installations; storage and shipment). Raw-material and commercial bulk plants are usually combined in a single unit (complex) at the refinery or not far from it. Distribution bulk plants supply petroleum products directly to enterprises, and also ship them in small containers. Such plants are divided into oblast, raion, railroad, water-railroad, waterway, pipeline, and subsurface types. Bulk plants of this type have a limited sphere of operation, and their tank storage capacities are relatively small.

Many bulk plants perform the functions of terminal, refinery, and distribution bulk plants simultaneously. At large bulk plants, work is under way on the integrated automation of the processes of receipt, storage, pumping, shipping, and distribution of petroleum products.


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Last year, Saudi Aramco commissioned the first wind turbine in the Kingdom, providing electricity directly to the bulk plant in Turaif.
We needed space to accommodate our team, and we were renting a repair shop, and then we were renting office space and a bulk plant, a fuel terminal from Esso, so we thought wed put everything together on the same site," he said.
The demo Wind Turbine to be installed at Turaif bulk plant will allow the displacement of diesel that is used for power generation in the plant.
Alaska Oil Sales has bulk plant facilities in Kenai and a warehouse/shop and offices in Soldotna.
The company has contributed to major projects including the Ras Tanura Refinery, Riyadh Refinery, Shaybah Producing Facilities and Sulayyil Bulk Plant.
A bulk plant is a wholesale receiving and distributing facility for oil products.
The MTI Propane and Natural Gas Technologies Program enjoys an excellent reputation in the utilities industry; its features include a new outdoor utility training field for laboratory activities in underground installation and bulk plant work located in a simulated city environment.
COTTAGE GROVE - The state is proposing a clean bill of health for the old Chevron Bulk Plant site near downtown Cottage Grove - and the parcel may become part of the long-planned South Lane Cultural Heritage Center.
Luster has more than 30 years experience in the food-processing, bio-conversion, energy and environmental industries and is considered one of the food industry's leading experts in the field of aseptic processing and aseptic bulk plant operations.
Amgen expects to enlarge its Neupogen and Neulasta bulk protein manufacturing facility, licensed in 2005, and the newly built Epogen and Aranesp bulk plant.
The new plant, to be built in the Dublin suburbs, will be Takeda's first overseas bulk plant, the company said.
He transported Shell gasoline in a tank truck from a bulk plant and filled three underground tanks at his station.