Tank Car

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tank car

[′taŋk ‚kär]
Railroad car onto which is mounted a cylindrical, horizontal tank designed for the transport of liquids, chemicals, gases, meltable solids, slurries, emulsions, or fluidizable solids.

Tank Car


(in Russian, zheleznodorozhnaia tsisterna), a railroad car consisting of a cylindrical welded metal tank mounted horizontally on a one-piece metal frame or on two half-frames, each of which supports one end of the tank. The frame or the pair of half-frames rests on two trucks with two or four axles each. For filling a tank car with freight, a hatch with a leakproof valve is located at the top of the tank. Tank cars are also equipped with devices for draining liquids from the tank. In the USSR, the tankcar fleet consists of four- and eight-axle cars with a freight-carrying capacity of up to 120 tons. (See alsoTANK TRUCK.)

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We are excited about the opportunity to add the BulkTainer product to the ChemLogix portfolio of transportation services.
In November 2000, the Company successfully completed a "test run" at its Lake Charles, refinery by processing approximately 53,000 barrels of Sabine Pass and Pecan Island condensates on behalf of Sargeant Bulktainers, Inc, ("Sargeant ") pursuant to a contract signed by the parties earlier this year.
Additionally, under a separate asphalt joint venture agreement with Sargeant Bulktainers ("SB"), a unit of Sargeant, the Company said its joint venture produced approximately $2,786,000 in asphalt revenues during the three months ended September 30, 2000, and that currently operations are cash flow positive with a backlog of approximately $8 million.