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17th-century amusement, particularly popular in England, in which trained dogs (bulldogs) attacked a tethered bull. Bullbaiting, along with bullrunning (in which the bull was run down and killed by humans), bearbaiting, cockfighting, and dogfighting, was prohibited in Great Britain by an act of Parliament in 1835.
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Bull-baitings were as common as muck in 18th-century Birmingham, but a bull-beating would be very unusual.
These dogs were originally bred for the vicious bloodsport of bull-baiting.
Originally, pit bull terriers were bred for bull-baiting but, after it was banned in 1835, breeders trained them for dog-fighting.
Niklas' work on the ancient Tamil rite of bull-baiting as a modern Christian practice.
The branch has been helping animals since 1881, having been set up to combat the problems of bull-baiting, dog-fighting and the poor treatment of horses.
Bull baitings, Hemingway's term for informal bullfights, are not to be confused with bull-baiting, the dictionary term for the practice of baiting bulls with dogs.
In addition, we've seen far too many sickening pictures of boys and girls who have had their faces, their limbs, their bodies ripped apart by dogs more suited to the medieval world of bull-baiting than the modern family home.
Pit bull terriers were originally bred for bull-baiting, a gory gambling game where bulldogs were used to attack bulls in pits.
PITBULL terriers were originally bred for bull-baiting, then the savage "sport" of dog fighting.
Set on the River Slea, the town's Black Bull Inn dates to 1689 and illustrates the pastime of bull-baiting.
Honley today is a calmer place - fighting with neighbouring villages of Crosland and Netherton has ended, the bull-baiting pit at Thirstin is disused and the barbaric football matches between Honley and Meltham had ceased by 1888.
It's said that in the course of an exuberant bout of bull-baiting on the green a dog was once tossed through the window of the house.