Telescopic Sight

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telescopic sight

[¦tel·ə¦skäp·ik ′sīt]
Gunsight equipped with a telescope.
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Telescopic Sight


a viewfinder whose optical components form a telescopic (afocal) system.

In the USSR, telescopic systems consisting of a negative, or diverging, objective and a positive, or converging, eyepiece are found in cameras equipped with rangefinders and in some amateur motion-picture cameras. Such viewfinders are of small size and provide a reduced erect image of the object being photographed. They are known as direct-vision optical viewfinders.

Reflex cameras and professional motion-picture cameras employ a telescopic system with a positive objective and eyepiece. Systems of this type produce magnified images of the object being photographed but must be equipped with an inversion system in order to obtain an erect image.

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The rear focal plane BDC reticle is intended to be fast up close on IX, while offering ranging and bullet drop compensation out to 1000 yards.
However during the development of the new bullet drop compensation reticle its designer realized it would also be useful with the 300 AAC Blackout and 300 Whisper cartridges.
However, it is less ideal when teamed with a BDC, Mil-Dot, Mil or MOA-based reticle intended to provide bullet drop compensation or wind/lead holds.